If you enjoy the convenience of online banking, this is for you!

You have the ability to move money into your IPC Securities Account using your bank's online or telephone banking facility. This will save you time and hassle by eliminating the need for you to mail cheques to our office. Of course, we can still accept cheques, however, this service may be more convenient for you!

How do I use this service?

NBIN is our Carrying Broker; so set up “NBIN ” as a bill payee, the same way that you would with your hydro or phone bill. The actual process will be unique to your bank, and you may wish to contact your bank’s help desk for directions.

The account number you will be “paying to” is your IPC Securities Account number - beginning with 4J..., ending with either A, E, R, S, W and shown below the date on the top right of the first page of your statement. Please ensure that all letters are in capitals and that the number zero is used in accounts, not the letter O.

Q: My bank does not have NBIN set up as a biller: What should I do?
A: Contact your bank’s help desk and request that NBIN be added.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount I can transfer to my IPC Securities Account?
A: There is no limit to the amount that can be received into your IPC Securities Account, however, some banks may have limits on the amount you can send at once. Contact your bank’s help desk regarding any limit.

Q: Can I mistakenly put money into someone else’s account?
A: Third Party payments will be rejected by NBIN, so payments will only be accepted at NBIN if the name on the bank account matches the name on the corresponding IPC Securities Account.

Q: How long does it take for funds to arrive in my IPC Securities Account?
A: The credit will be reflected as of the date the funds are received by NBIN. In general this means that the funds will be available in your IPC Securities Account one day after you send them from your bank. This may vary depending on your bank’s procedures.

Q: What does this service cost?
A: This service is free of cost to our clients, but you should check with your bank to see what fees may be incurred with your bank.